Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Get Strong.

I get so many questions about how to get this or get that with their fitness. You know what... it all comes down to getting stronger. Get strong and things almost always fall into place.

How can I get bigger guns? Get stronger.
How do I put size on my legs? Get stronger.
How can I lose this fat? Get stonger. (you'd be amazed)
How can I improve my marathon time? Get stronger. (Seriously!)
What can I do to improve my vertical jump? Get stronger.

How do you get stronger? Lift more than you've lifted before. It's not that difficult.

There are many methods to get the job done when it comes to training, but there are only a few principles. All training methods need to follow training principles. If the method doesn't fit into the principles, the method sucks.

One of the most important training principles is progressive overload. Our body adapts to the training stress placed on it, whether it be positive or negative. Not enough, no change; too much, the body breaks down; the right amount, it gets stronger. However when it comes to training, most people underload. People doing the same thing over and over. We need to get out of our comfort zone and constantly strive to get stronger. Whether it be adding more resistance (intensity) or more repetitions and/or sets (volume). What I see is most people don't need to worry about the volume, they do plenty (probably too much) of sets and reps. So what does that leave us? Intensity, increase the weight. We need to progressively overload the body to create new change.

So when you have a question about your training, first look at the number 1 principle, progressive overload. Am I doing more than I did last week, month, year. If our body is strong, it will perform better than if it is weak. It's that simple.

Get strong, good things will happen.



SRR said...

Makes sense man...strong is good...i am giving it a far so good!

Gun Show said...

with working with you, this theory has proven itself. I am bigger and stronger then I thought I could get, and I think we have just scratched the surface