Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Q and A

In my deadlift work, and step ups and lunges with dumbbells, my weakness appears to be my forearm/grip. I seemed to feel fatigue in my arms before my legs, just holding the bar and then later holding the db's (after forearms fatigued). What's do I do so I can complete my reps/sets?

The grip strength will come around. Keep working at it, if your grip gives out, that ends the set, your grip is the week link and needs to be strengthened.

I consider grip strength the make-or-break quality of true pure strength. Increasing your grip strength will help you hold heavier weights (heavier weight=more muscle fiber involved=greater increases in strength and size). It will also allow you to create more total body tension for increased stability and strength (try squeezing your right fist as hard as you can, REAL HARD, feel what happens to your abdominals), and give you Popeye arms which chicks dig. :) Increasing your grip strength will also help increase your bench press believe it or not.(again, total body tension) Try benching with a fat bar, you won't be able to touch your regular bar bench press max.

What you are experiencing is very common. Grip strength is often the weak link for these lifts. Just keep working at it. Chalk helps. No straps (for now), more about this another time.

It should all come up within a couple of weeks, for now just add a little
more rest time between sets.


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