Saturday, September 22, 2007


Helping Dad with some performance training research. Actually she's getting ready to destroy the entire book case.

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Recent Training 3

Eva also did some standing long jumps this day, working on her explosive power. Again notice the great positioning of the feet and a good torso angle, ready for impact.

The rock in her right hand is 1/4 of a kilogram

We finished up with a light conditioning circuit. A solid session overall.

Good training to you!


Recent Training 2

We took our training outside on this day.

Eva performing some deep box squats. Trying to break-up the stretch-shortening cycle with box squats, along with working on proper depth. With box squats she has been developing great starting strength.

Here Eva is performing depth jumps. Notice the excellent landing position.


Recent Training

Eva squatting. She's doing a nice job of keeping upper back extension in the hole. Notice back and shin angle.

We worked up to a couple heavy singles on this particular day.