Thursday, October 11, 2007

"I've tried everything and nothing works for me"

There is always a lot of discussion about which type of training works best. Which is best for fat loss, best for building muscle, best for building strength, and so on. Conjugate or concurrent vs. linear periodization; High intensity interval training vs. curcuit strength training; 5 sets vs. 3 sets; High volume vs. low volume.

Guess what? It all works.

The only thing that doesn't work: not working hard.

Getting after it on a shitty program will create better results than a half-assed effort on a great program.

The problem is most people THINK they are working hard. In reality they more than likely aren't even close. Some decent indicators:

-Puking during or after a workout (log rolls for 100 yards don't count)

-Lying on the floor after the workout because your heart is going to explode out of you chest (it doesn't just feel that way, it IS about to)

-Head nearly exploding trying to squat "the house"

-Pumping out 10 chin-ups, squatting 235, doing push-ups with 70 lbs on your back. Not too shabby for a woman, at 50 years old.

-Lip starts bleeding because you bit a chunk off trying to get that last rep.

-Vision goes blurry

-Both entire arms go numb

-You squatted heavy in the morning, pulled a 200lbs. sled for 300 yards during the lunch hour, then you see your friends setting PR's in the deadlift in the afternoon and say to yourself "fuck it", and begin chalking your hands

-Head spins like a rediculous buzz, but this one doesn't feel good.

-Calluous ripping open on your hand leaving you, the bar, and the floor blood soaked

-Getting a concussion because you fell down the stairs because your legs don't function anymore

-Ripping a hole in your foot while doing barefooted 200 pound sled pulls

-Having to take an ice bath post-workout to bring your body temp back down because the paramedics put you in one

-A torn muscle

-Legs burning so bad you can smell the smoke

-Slurred speech

-Having a wrist issue that doesn't allow you to pull your wallet out of your pocket and the doctor saying you should not be lifting. What do you do? Bench in the upper 300's for more than ten singles, followed by max effort pull-ups

-Blowing a blood vessel in BOTH eyes

-Having someone ask you how much weight you just lifted and answering "yes"

-An old man having a heart attack because he was WATCHING you train

-Having to get a different bar because you just bent the one you were using

-Young kids running away screaming bloody murder because you stepped in the squat rack

-Blood dripping from the shins

-Hitting a 365lbs. PR in the back squat in your second year of lifting weights. At 65 years young

-Diarrhea before your workout; and it's not because of what you ate

-Having a doctor come up to you in a gym and telling you to "tone it down a bit"

-Drooling because you NO LONGER HAVE CONTROL

-Getting a funny vanilla taste in your mouth

There are more but I am tired. If you haven't experienced one or more of these you've never worked hard. Sorry not even close.

I am not suggesting anything by this, I am just saying.


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