Friday, November 23, 2007

Diagonal Arm Lift w/band

Many times people with impingement issues will have an issue with one of the upward rotators of the scapula, traps (upper and lower fibers) and the serratus anterior. More often than not impingement comes with the lower trap and/or serratus anterior not firing properly to assist rotating the scapula up and allow the humerus to come to full flexion overhead.

An excellent exercise to focus on the serratus anterior and it's upward rotation component is the diagonal arm lift.

The diagonal arm lift using a 1/2 inch band targets the serratus anterior muscle which helps with protraction and upward rotation of the scapula. Putting the back against a wall will help to cue you to keep the shoulders and torso from rotating. The key is to keep the arm externally rotated, which will limit the activity of the upper pec and anterior deltoid.



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