Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Love It!

I received this email yesterday from an awesome former client and even better friend.

Terry didn't start lifting weights until about 2 years ago; he's now 66. He began training with me a little over a year ago, to help iron out some back issues and improve his golf game. He's now officially a powerlifter, and his golf game is at its' best ever.

Powerlifting and golf... sounds like a perfect match to me. You gotta love it.

Great stuff, check it out:

407.5 lbs. deadlift; state record for 65-69, 110kg class


I get a chance to read your Blog ....always good stuff. I am in Florida for the winter so the weather here is beautiful ! High 70's - low 80's ..sunshine...just perfect... I'm in the Sarasota area.

Still training and pushing on ... miss your coaching though.. much tougher to discipline myself. Don't know if Steve has told you but I had a great 'first meet' at the Florida Senior Games last Saturday. It was for 50 plus year olds and they had many many different type of games for all age groups and some team sports. (Tennis doubles, etc). The oldest participant was 98. It was a full week affair held in Ft Myers Fl and ended Saturday (8th)

Anyway....the power lifting event went very well... they only had the push-pull event (bench and DL) but some real GOOD lifters. Nothing special went on in the Bench...but the DL was fun to watch...and participate in. There was a 60 year old who set a World Record at 705. I pulled 407.5 (185kg) for my PR and a NEW state record for 65-69, 110kg class. Won 3 gold medals which was a bonus. I also qualified to go to the Senior Game Nationals in Miami in May 2008.

In Feb I plan to compete in the FL State Open ...there I should also be able to beat the squat and total records. My bench is still pretty weak but I'm going to keep working on all of it Hoping with a squat suit to be in the 410-425 range.

I'm sending you the video of my DL and a pic ... note the shirt !! . Also I will send the World Record DL too. and a video of the same guy 20 years ago when he was competing in Australia. Watch the end of the video closely.

Your blog of Nov 9...good stuff. The article on lifting and age.

For us 'older' participants...

Dylan Thomas has some inspirational words for those of us who have crested the hill and find ourselves on the downhill slope ...

"Do not go gentle into that good night,Old age should burn and rave at close of day;Rage, rage against the dying of the light."--

Hope your family is healthy and enjoying the snow..... stay in-touch !!

Best Regards ...Terry H

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