Friday, December 7, 2007

Random Friday

10, somewhat random, thoughts to end the week.

1. High speed treadmills suck. Give me one example of when the ground moves for you.

2. Abduction work, such as X-band walks and mini-band side-steps, often improve squat technique, but not because of improved hip abduction activation. The improvement comes from increased hip internal rotation ability. If you lack adequate internal rotation, squatting deep will always be a problem.

3. Work capacity is often an overlooked athletic quality. It's pretty simple, increase work capacity, get more work done.

4. The greatest CNS supplement: water.

5. Sprinting is the best plyometric exercise there is.

6. Your center of gravity is almost dead center in your pelvis. Train to get this area to function well and the rest of the body to align directly under or over it.

7. Shin angle is key for quick, powerful movement.

8. Ankle dorsiflexion is very important for athletic ability. This also ties into #6 and #7.

9. The rotator cuff is rarely the problem, it's the symptomatic area.

10. Deep squatting does not cause your knees to explode or anything else bad to happen. Honestly, I've tried it. If squatting low does hurt your knees, either your hips or ankles suck. Go back and work on #6 and #8.

Have a nice weekend!


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