Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Don't Believe the Hype

Please don't tell me about your 55 inch box jump.

Now I am all for box jumps for training purposes. They take away the eccentric load of landing and are great for teaching athletes how to land while not having to worry about the eccentric stress, but don't brag about them. Hey, if they get your athletes to put 100% effort in to jumping, I am all for it... just don't brag about it.

All a box jump proves is that you are good at bringing your legs up to your chest after jumping. The athlete with the highest inseam is going to have the greatest advantage. So tell me... how do I train my inseam?

For example, let's say I were to practice my box jumping and got relatively good at them. I build my way up to be able to do a 60 inch box jump. That's right 60 inches! Boo yaa! Youtube baby!

Ok... 60 inches.

I just measured my inseam and it's right around 33 inches, maybe it would be less, but it is REAL cold today.

So let's work the math, 60 - 33 = 27. So really if I work on my technique all I technically might need is a 27-28 inch vertical. 28 inches... wow.

So what do I post on youtube... a video of my 28 inch vertical, or... my 60 INCH box jump!

Like I said, box jumps can be a great training tool; just, please, don't tell me about yours.

Happy box jumping!


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Mike T Nelson said...

Preach on brother!
Gotta love the old Public Enemy quote too.