Thursday, April 10, 2008

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A couple weeks ago I completed the first weekend in Z-health R-Phase. Very cool stuff, lots of great information.

I've been wrapped up in the world of neurophysiology lately... it's a black hole.

So... on that topic,

Mirror Neurons:

Cells That Read Minds

More on mirror neurons here. The 14 minute clip is pretty cool.

This is a relatively new concept in neuroscience. Basically mirror neurons are pre-motor neurons which fire when a person does something, like shoot a free throw, for example and when a person watches someone do the exact same thing.

If you personally know how to do a skill, then basically by watching someone perform that same skill, the same synaptic activity (brain cell communication) happens as if you were performing the skill yourself. I call it free practice... sort of. You just better be sure that whoever you are watching is damn good at whatever it is they are doing.



Steve Reishus said...

This is really cool. Good stuff, man!

Aaron Schwenzfeier said...

Thanks Steve, hope all is well.

Mike T Nelson said...

Awesome that you could make the R Phase! Great to have you there.
Mirror neurons are soooo cool. Yep, be careful who you watch! This is my justification for buying more kiteboarding videos :)