Monday, July 28, 2008

More stuff

Vern Gambetta has a great post today on the difference between training and coaching. Great insights and distinctions...

Few more random points

1. The spine needs good mobility. As we age this is one of the first areas of the body to lose mobility; this causes problems. The key is increasing the proprioceptive awareness of the entire spine and the only way to do this is through moving the entire spine through full ranges of motion. If we have great spine awareness and mobility, things tend to function very well.

Mike Nelson wrote a good article about lumbar spine mobility about a year ago. A very good read.

Professor Serge Gracovetsky, who proposed the spinal engine theory, has a good interview here on the movement of the spine.

2. Watch any great dancers and they have tremendous spine mobility, and my guess is most don't have back issues... Just tremendous spine proprioception.

3. Anything that has a nervous system is designed for movement. We were not designed to not move...



Mike T Nelson said...

Good stuff as always and thanks for the article plug!

I printed off the interview and will give it a read.

Yep, we are designed to move! "Living systems are build up through USE and ATROPHY through DISUSE!"

Personally, I've been working on better lumbar mobility myself. I think McGill has studies belly dancers already.

I Phase soon!
Rock on
Mike N

Aaron Schwenzfeier said...

Thanks Mike.

I think even with someone with back "issues", mobility needs to be trained and restored. Back pain will only lead to a decrease in movement and/or controlled mobility(a catch 22), with a decrease in proprioception. Pain "muffles" or may even "mute" the voice of proprioception.

I think there may be too much diagnosis psychologically impairing people...

Great movers/athletes/dancers have very mobile spines. Again, coordinated mobility around all joints.


Mike T Nelson said...

Good stuff.

I liked this one "Pain "muffles" or may even "mute" the voice of proprioception." I am going to steal that!

Mike N

helium said...

"3. Anything that has a nervous system is designed for movement."

What made you come to this conclusion?

There is no inherent property of a neural network that implies a need for "movement". In computer sience artificial neural networks are often use to find patterns.

"We were not designed to not move..."

That is a statement that I wholeheartedly agree with.