Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Movement Lesions

Many stroke victims can potentially restore most, if not all, function of affected limbs through a method called constraint-induced movement therapy.

Many of these stroke victims have brain lesions, some massive, in the areas that control their movement; these victims have brain damage yet they can learn to move again! Most athletes don't have brain damage... so why can't athletes learn to move well... VERY well?

There should be no reason "healthy" athletes can't drastically improve movement control and mobility to unforeseen levels, when many stroke victims can restore much of the motor control of their limbs, minus certain parts of their brain.



Mike T Nelson said...

This is getting too freaky here as I just listened to her on Science Friday the other day on the way back from kiteboarding and have her TED lecure on my blog now!
Good stuff!
Mike N

Aaron Schwenzfeier said...

You must have ESP(N)!

I have ESP(N) 2.


Thanks Mike!

Yep, it's my comeback comment. "If a stroke victim can do it, you certainly have no excuse..."