Monday, September 29, 2008

Judge for yourself

This and a couple other videos, which Martin Rooney posted on, has caused quite a stir on a well known forum recently.

I think people see, but aren't listening. Listen carefully to what Martin is saying before judging.



Steve Reishus said...

That's pretty sweet. I love hearing stuff like that. So many people (unfortunately myself included) spend their time criticizing or complaining about others, saying what should or shouldn't be done, but yet don't spend any time trying new things or going against the grain. Ideas and theories are meant to be questioned.

Shane Radermacher said...

Totally Agree! Sometimes I wonder if the industry tends to over analyze SO much that people forget to do what works, and what makes them feel good. Whether its stretching and flexibility or strength training, people need to try it and zip it. Thinking outside the class athletes...makes you wonder...

Aaron Schwenzfeier said...



Mike T Nelson said...

In Martin's defense, he states at the end to basically "do not try this at home" and repeatedly states that this is an ADVANCED athlete. Yeah, I know every kid believes they are advanced, even though they are not.

If an exercise improves performance and the athlete's movement quality does NOT degrade, is it really bad for them?

We should be able to test this on each athlete to determine it.

It is hard to argue with his results, although risk to reward always needs to be measured.

Any ideas on why this may work?

Perhaps the force is less than what is done in competition, thus ok for THIS athlete. Again, this is an advanced athlete.

Just some thoughts
Mike N

Aaron Schwenzfeier said...

I would say being a javelin thrower, the movement places him in a very similar position to that of the delivery. Specificity.

Again, a very "advanced" athlete in which the basics have been probably exhausted...