Monday, February 9, 2009

Typical Progression?

1. The environment shapes the mind.

2. The mind shapes the brain.

3. The brain shapes the body.

4. The body shapes the brain.

5. The brain shapes the mind.

6. The mind shapes the environment.




Hard to say where to start and where to end the environment-individual continuum.

We are born into an environment and into a body which has much more of an influence over ourself than we do over them.

The challenge is to exert as much positive influence over the body and the environment as is possible.

I don't necessarily like separating form and function too much in re: to the mind and brain.

I just don't know if a "dis-embodied" consciousness is a reality.

Aaron Schwenzfeier said...


I agree that mind and brain are pretty much one in the same, just looking at it from consciousness and it's effect on the stress response(s) that is/are activated from receptors in the brain...

Yes, hard to say where to start and end the continuum, as it can be anywhere, but from a typical athlete perspective as when they begin their athletic career to the pinnacle of it (or lack thereof).

Mike T Nelson said...

Good stuff. I read that and have a picture of a bunch of Venn Diagrams that got in an accident and are in a jumbled pile. Hard to know where to start!

Rock on
Mike N