Thursday, July 30, 2009

That Time of the Year

We're at that point in the year again, where fall sports getting set to begin. It's a mad... no, MAD! dash to the first game. Coach Vern Gambetta's recent post, Preseason Practice – Where Championships Are Lost, is right on. I would agree that the fatigue and the injuries it causes is more neural than metabolic.

Plus to add to his statements, of too much volume of high intensity practices, heat and poor hydration, what about anxiety? Being a former athlete, I don't remember the start of any season not accompanied by some anxiety. The excitement and sensory overload just magnifies the metabolic fatigue. Anxiety leads decreased motor performance and decreased heart rate variability and all it's effects on performance, increasing fatigue. This goes right along with my previous post: Mindful Training.

The physical components play a role, but, again, the 'whole' athlete, and just as importantly, the context, cannot be overlooked. Great coaching awareness is a must.



Patrick Ward said...

Good luck this school year! Hope all your teams do well.

Your students don't know how lucky they are to have a coach who cares so much about giving them a quality experience.


Aaron Schwenzfeier said...

Thanks so much Patrick, I do appreciate the kind words. Hope all is going well with your new facility. You guys are going to do some great things!