Monday, August 31, 2009

Sad-entary Lifestyle

My job is that I work with athletes, however, this does not mean that my work is not affected by society's chosen lifestyle: Physical inactivity poses greatest health risk to Americans, research shows.

Here are my connections to the athletic population (but important to ask all of ourselves), through a couple of the questions I have:

1. So, of the 50 million some sedentary Americans, some must be parents, grandparents, friends or other family members to the athletes I directly work with... correct?

2. Are we not influenced by are environment? (Everything evolves from environmental pressure, dammit!) And if so, does not the influence of these some 50 million Americans lower the perceived 'standard' as to what we, as humans, are capable on a physical level?

It's like the saying, 'if the gym you train at has dumbbells that only go up to 50 pounds, and you're lifting the 50's, you're pretty darn strong... in that gym. If you go to a 'real' gym and the gym has dumbbells that go up to 150 pounds and you can only lift the 50's... then you're not s**t.'

So if the average American's idea of a 'workout' is climbing a couple flights of stairs, what has this done to our collective perception of what it means to be fit?

We need to educate on what IS healthy, fit, and strong, because we may just be a "Nation of Wimps" in every sense possible...


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jleeger said...

right on Aaron!

And, as Wade points out in his TED talks, that cultural influence is more pervasive than just a "thought" or "habit."

For a person to change, they'll have to change their culture...