Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No More Squats?

I think not.

I think this claim and/or marketing hype may just be the thing squats needed: A return to true strength training...

Death of the Back Squat?!

ROFTL with the RFESS

Go to the source...

The Disappearance of the Posterior Chain

Also, in the case of working with beginners, I can't think of a better, even possibly safer, way to develop and teach the intense volitional effort needed to build true strength (and, I truly believe, that high volitional effort is a rare trait these days). Teach and demand great technique...

And... one more thing... let's not make the weightroom more necessary than needed by spending all our time doing endless amounts of lifts that barely challenge the 'whole' organsim. Let's kill as many birds as possible with a few stones, and get out of the weightroom and work more on the necessary sports and movement skills.


A note: I think Coach Mike Boyle is a brilliant coach, I just disagree with his No More Squats, and I think it is important for those that disagree to voice their opinion, as he did his.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Rehab Age

In thousands of years from now, fitness archaeologists are going to scour through the findings of equipment and documents of different training methods and maybe come to some of these possible conclusions:

1. The "Get strong" Age.
2. The "Get weak" Age or, more accurately, the Aerobics Age.
and currently...
3. The Rehabilitation Age.

It seems that we are fully-fledged into the rehablitation age, in which all or the majority of physical fitness training is done by rehabilitation means... or circus tricks.

Is everybody now made of glass that we should not do anything that requires a little focus, effort, and "guts"?

Yes, maybe it's a sign of the times; people are more dysfunctional from lack of moving.

But if all of our focus is on finding dysfunction, is all that we find is dysfunction?

How many passes does the team in white throw?

Hopefully our focus isn't making us lose sight of other possibilities.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Random Friday 2009

1. I don't use "sport-specific training", I use human-specific training.

2. What you believe is a close 2nd behind what you do... and in some cases equally as important in the whole scheme of things.

3. Growing up... I came from a small town and our school didn't have much of a weightroom. So I spent my summer work's earnings on purchasing my own weight equipment. It was one of those old-school benches in which the dip bars were the racks for the bench (arms went on the outside of the racks to take the bar off to bench). Now I didn't have the knowledge I have now, but I knew that I had to train my lower body and that the leg extension and curl apparatus on the bench wasn't worth shit. So basically I rigged up the bench to raise the hooks to use the dip handles to set the weight for back squats. The bar barely balanced. I had to make sure I had a family member help me load the weight so the bar wouldn't tip off and had to be sure to weight down the opposite end of the bench so the bar wouldn't get dumped to the front. Regardless... I squatted.

Also, if any of you have been to northern Minnesota you know the winters are long, cold, and f***in windy, with lots of snow. My home was about 5 miles out of town, and often the gym wasn't open when I need to run/sprint. So I would bundle-up and head out into the sometimes below 0 temp and run in the snow. We lived next to a wooded area in which the snow would pile up to 2-3 feet deep in places. I figured this would be great training for myself as a running back. Sprinting high knees through deep snow, fighting through heavy duty snow apparel, it was like trying to break leg tackles for the entirety of every sprint. Plus the terrain was hilly, so I figured, 'Eat this Walter Payton! He maybe sprinted hills, but not with this much gear and snow to battle... wuss.'

Long story short; make due with the resources and environment in which you situated, and be sure to attack it with everything you've got. Maybe I wasn't training the "right" way with the perfect plan, but I was training HARD! As the good coaches I have had, have told me: "even if you're wrong, be sure to be wrong at 100 mph." ...just be sure to learn from the mistakes after.

4. I am often guilty of getting caught-up in arguing methods regarding training, but we all know,

Methods are many,
principles are few.
Methods often change,
principles never do.

Ultimately, regardless of the method, regardless of what you believe, believe in something... it's kind of like someone who once said something like, 'believe in yourself, or no one else will.' ... huh, pretty good advice...

5. The "orginal" Random Friday???

6. Want some great reading loaded with great information, insights and thoughts. Check out my good friend Josh Leeger's

7. No More Squats. While I might not entirely agree, Coach Boyle always has good insights and thoughts.

8. Play fast. Move with everything you've got. Good things will happen. I see this at the playground I go by on my lunch break each day. We need more of this stuff. Kids always know the answer to fitness: Don't think about it, just play... we, as adults, just need to get out of their way.

9. Sleep. Quality sleep. Lots of it.

10. If you're fortunate to have some sunny weather today and this weekend, get your ass outside and load up on the Vitamin D any chance you can get... while moving.

Have a good weekend!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I stole this one from Mike T Nelson.

Spurs alter workouts after Garcia injury
(Not sure what team this is, Kings or Spurs... the article confused me)

How about we throw away the stupid toys and just get back to doing basic movements and get and stay strong that way.

Sometimes I get caught-up in the hoopla and ask myself, "Am I not a very good strength coach, because I don't do a million and one exercises that the world has never seen before?" or "Because I only use barbells, dumbbells and bodyweight, does that mean I don't know what I am doing?"

Yes there is a risk everyday you step out of bed, but why put your trust in some inflated colorful ball. Here's a novel idea, how about doing all your exercises where it's you between the weight and the ground...

Train the way the pros train... yeah right.



Happy 99th Birthday to Coach John Wooden (It was yesterday October 14).

If you ever get a chance, read any one of his books. Actually make that chance... and READ one of his books.

I highly recommend Wooden on Leadership.

Also check out these inspirational words from a currently active all-time great, Pete Carroll on Coach Wooden's impact on his career. Great stuff!