Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No More Squats?

I think not.

I think this claim and/or marketing hype may just be the thing squats needed: A return to true strength training...

Death of the Back Squat?!

ROFTL with the RFESS

Go to the source...

The Disappearance of the Posterior Chain

Also, in the case of working with beginners, I can't think of a better, even possibly safer, way to develop and teach the intense volitional effort needed to build true strength (and, I truly believe, that high volitional effort is a rare trait these days). Teach and demand great technique...

And... one more thing... let's not make the weightroom more necessary than needed by spending all our time doing endless amounts of lifts that barely challenge the 'whole' organsim. Let's kill as many birds as possible with a few stones, and get out of the weightroom and work more on the necessary sports and movement skills.


A note: I think Coach Mike Boyle is a brilliant coach, I just disagree with his No More Squats, and I think it is important for those that disagree to voice their opinion, as he did his.


jleeger said...

Hear hear, Aaron!

"Let's kill as many birds as possible with a few stones, and get out of the weightroom and work more on the necessary sports and movement skills."

That is THE KEY!

Strength training is strength training. Skill training is skill training.

Unless you're an O-lifter, they aren't the same.

Putting Health Back into Fitness said...

It's interesting how people always look for outside sources to problems instead of looking within themselves...In the case of the back squat, is it the back squat's fault or is it the athlete doing the back squat?

And aligned with Josh's affirmation to you, get 'em to move more for their sport!

bsteffen said...

Very interesting articles! I am a firm believer in order to succeed and excell in athletics or simply even to just be functional in everyday life, training the posterior chain is a must! Therefore throwing out the back squat out of programming just doesnt make sense to me. I respect boyle greatly, but that is one area or opinion of his philosophy I dont agree with. Your blogs are great aaron, Ill keep checking them out!

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