Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Less work, more play

Here's a link to a good post I read at Scott Berkun's blog.

Should Americans get more vacation?

If many of our ideals and values are to remain the same in our country, we need more thinking like this. If American's are getting more time off, maybe... just maybe, we all would be more apt to increase our physical and social (true social activity... actually being in proximity with others to communicate without the use of technology) activity. If we are to make any type of change for the betterment of our health, our "leaders" need to adopt more of this type of thinking.



jleeger said...

It all depends, Aaron. For instance, what do people use their free time for now?

okay, you've officially inspired another blog entry...

Aaron Schwenzfeier said...

Good question... who the hell knows?!

I agree it all depends, but would a CEO or manager who takes the approach of giving more "freedom" within work, while still having standards and expectations, increase the positive energy of his or her people?

Dustin S. said...


As far as freedom in work (not necessarily vacation but during the work day) there is a very forward thinking company here in Alexandria especially in regards to taking care of their employees. If they choose to they can utilize their lunch and both of their 30 min breaks to work out in the wellness facility on site.

From the people I interact with, they love it. They have more energy throughout the day. Get more done. Plus they get to spend more time with their families in the evening.

Some of the employees even eat lunch at their desk and will squeak in close to two hours of activity most days... at work.

Will it work everywhere? Probably not. Does everyone utilize it. No. But for those that do it is an amazing benefit.

Anonymous said...

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Aaron Schwenzfeier said...

Good stuff Dustin.

Anonymous said...

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Mike T Nelson said...

Americans work too much and this is to the detriment of their output.

Add to this that the standard work arrangement is set up to work 40-60 hours a week and if you do a good job, you may get more money, but you certainly get more work. You don't get the time off. You are not rewarded for being more efficient.

Some are trying a ROWE (results only work environment) such as Best Buy and they found employees are much happier and 43% more productive.

"good workers take time off"

I know I am much more productive right before and after vacation. Beyond that, you should not live only for vacation. My goal is a seemless intertwine of "work" and play.

As Tim Ferris pointed out, don't confuse training (exercise) with recreation. BOTH are very important.

Rock on
Mike T Nelson PhD(c)
Extreme Human Performance

Aaron Schwenzfeier said...

Good points Mike.