Thursday, April 22, 2010

Attention Western culture

I know this is so common that it should not surprise me and I'm sure doesn't surprise many others, but...

This morning I saw a young child under the age of 1 being fed waffles with syrup for breakfast.



Really any age eating this stuff is a scary thing. This absurdity just continues to blow my mind, however, sadly our culture knows no better; it's all we've been taught or grown-up to know. The idea that those who are the "powers" know what they are doing. Carbohydrates (outside of vegetables and some fruits), too some extent, is no different than crack cocaine. Then later in life we try to eat well and that "crack" is tempting us from all angles. We need to realize that we have a "drug" problem.

C'mon people! We have to wake-up and stop 'feeding' into this shit. We need to quit buying all the absolute garbage that is being sold as "food". It

Does not anybody question all the problems we are having as a society right now. Obesity, all the chronic diseases, almost any/all of our medical issues, or even just the common occurance of being sick all the damn time... or just feeling lethargic day after day. These high carbohydrate, sugar loaded, processed foods are weaking our immune systems and slowly killing us in every way possible.

The other major factor we need to quit, is to stop 'fueling' the technological side of things that is making any form of human movement an anomaly.

Two quick, simple answers: Healthy food and movement.

Has anyone seen the movie "Wall-E"?

Yeah... that's most likely us if we continue down our path.

HOLY F**K people, wake-up... take your lives back.

Sure I am being, what some may think, a little radical right now (if you haven't figured out that I am a little fired-up this morning). However, sorry for you, this is theraputic for me... (even though being ME focused is also part of our issue too).

Experts are now telling us that this generation of children will be the first generation that will not out live their parents! If you're a parent... THINK about that for a moment.

It's like my good friend Joe Schmidt said the other day; 'most parents would take a bullet for their child (at least I'd hope), but apparently not if it's a "slow bullet" that is destroying their health.'

(Deep breath... siggghhhh...)

I feel bad, because it is not really any one of the American people's fault (well maybe it is to some extent), it's just that we have been led to believe many false things about the food we eat. Even many of the experts and producers don't really know the harm we're doing. And this topic could run very deep... into our way of educating; how schools really don't teach us to think, etc.; but we have we have to start challenging our belief that all is right with the way we are doing things.

I guess it comes down to our values. It's funny... if you ask people what's most important to them, what do you think they'll answer?

If you're not sure on where to start with any of this to make a change, drop me a comment or send me an email. I'd be glad to direct you to some resources as best I can or get you in touch with some very well qualified people. No hidden costs.

One that I'd start off with recommending is Michael Pollan's latest book, "Food Rules". A simple guide with a bunch of very simple rules to follow regarding eating. You can probably find it anywhere for around $10.00, or better yet check your local library... that's a pretty good place to WALK or BIKE to, to 'hang out' for a while.

I am NOT sorry for this rant,


jleeger said...

That's the whole equation, bud. But you left out "culture."

It's the culture, beyond anything else, that is dictating what people do or don't eat - or what they find to be acceptable options.

Find a way to change that, and you win. Until then, all the Michael Pollan's in the world won't amount to much...

Aaron Schwenzfeier said...

Yeah, at some point we have to start looking at all the symptoms around us and eventually start to ask, "I wonder why?" and then ask it again and again...

joseph said...

Culture can be shaped. If one Michael Pollan and then two and three etc, people just need to be willing to step up and say enough of this crap...