Monday, January 31, 2011


As Nikolai Ozolin layed out in 1971; flexibility day-to-day, strength week-to-week, speed month-to-month, and endurance year-to-year... I believe our biggest issue is keeping athletes moving. The injuries aren't going to be prevented from some special program or wondrous prehab exercises, it's simply a matter of more consistent movement. Athletes may train hard 1-2 hours a day, for 4-5 days a week, but the free time is filled with a whole lot of nothing as far as physical movement goes. Weekends, especially, can 'ruin' athletes.

If flexibility is day-to-day, which I can assure you it is, then it's the 1-2 days 'off' that's a major problem. I am not talking structured workouts per se, but I am saying movement; full range-of-motion, varied total body movement... everyday. Time spent 'in' the body, is time well spent; get to know the body by using it often. (... as I write in Cartesian dualism... which is probably our problem right there)

Rehabilitation "training" is usually not the answer, it's simply a reaction, and one that doesn't do much justice except for making some folks money. Rehabilitation absolutely has its place but lets keep it there; the root of the problem is lack of movement in general, and usually that's free.

Prehab - A flawed concept.

Coach Vern Gambetta hits a nail on the head with this one.



jleeger said...

This is a fantastic post, Aaron. Where did you hear about this guy?

Aaron Schwenzfeier said...

Thanks Josh.

He's referenced by Tudor Bompa and Thomas Kurz in their respective work.

Anonymous said...

I will be to the point. Your blog is good but you are one good coach in a sea of idiots or sell-outs. The problem is every coach now wants to be a rock star.

Look at Stacked Magazine. It's coaching porn for the coach that wants to be the next star.

If you can't coach stop talking about fucking rehab and just be a PT or ATC.