Friday, March 18, 2011

Play Again

Some may call me a tree hugger, but I spent a lot of time (still do when I get the chance) in nature as a young kid, and it scares me to see the 'limited' time, possibly access, for people young and old to be out in the more natural world. Rarely, if ever, does true nature give rise to obesity, depression, or any other common chronic illness. Play Again looks to carry a very important and timely message.

Thanks to Frank Forencich for pointing this movie out. Frank makes some very compelling points,

"Some readers may wonder what such a film has to do with matters of fitness, athletic training and health, but really, it should all be clear enough by now: The condition of our bodies is completely, utterly dependent on habitat and in turn on our knowledge and appreciation for habitat. If you’re a health and fitness enthusiast, you’ve got to have at least one foot planted in your local bioregion. Every physical trainer who’s a health activist must also be an environmental activist. Increasingly, a big part of our job description will be to get our students and clients out of the office and out of the gym and back in touch with the land that gives us life. See the film."

Yours truly, a couple weeks ago. My attempt at a smile while the bitter wind bit at my face. Haha!! Although it was a rather nice day for early spring in northern Minnesota/North Dakota; sunny, a high of 13F +/-, a slight northern breeze of 10 +/- mph. Ok, so it wasn't that nice but the sun made all the difference.

My kids were with their grandparents for the weekend, and I had some unusual 'freedom' on a Saturday with no coaching or parenting responsibilities; taking the time for a hike in the woods and to climb some trees (I suppose at times it looked like tree hugs, sickos). Unfortunately, it had been a while since I've had the time to get out for a day, but this is something I used to do alot as a young kid, spending many hours 'out in nature'... the MovNat group would be proud. Although I do have to apologize... I had shoes on and, sorry again, they weren't Vibram Fivefingers, they were a pair of Nike Free's to be exact. (geez enough with the advertising already).

... and I'll have you know, I got some all-out sprinting in as soon as I got the text from my wife, "where the hell are you?". Oops, I forgot to tell her where I was going and time escapes in nature as it had been hours since I left the house. Unfortunately, it was back to modern reality.

"In nature we never repeat the same motion. In captivity (office, gym, commute, sports), life is just repetitive stress injury. No randomness" -Nassim Taleb

*Bryce and Clint, I should have given you a call, but this was spontaneous and you know the benefits of a little randomness.


Mark Young said...

Great post Aaron! So very true.

Josh Leeger said...

Good stuff! Missed the movie, too bad!

BC said...

That's OK, we were out of town. I got to "spontaneously" hike every day over spring break in various canyons near my home - a real treat.

Jeremy Frisch said...

I love the part you got a text from your wife "where the hell are you". I often get the same texts.