Thursday, April 21, 2011


I've been real busy... but I can report, as far as the weightroom goes, that heavy (relative to an athlete's current abilities, for those gasping in horror) cleans, snatches, front and back squats, deadlifts, lunging, push-ups, and pull-ups continue to work real well for many athletes and outcomes. I have also noticed that getting stronger and more powerful continues to be pretty good in the area of injury prevention.

A little 'dated' but one gets the idea.

Play with this and test.

Add in a bunch of sprinting, change of direction, jumping and conditioning, and life is good.

To be continued...



Josh Leeger said...

Hahaha! Great post!

I love the simplicity of this, Aaron.

I've recently realized the benefits of doing one of two things in my own training:

1. Strict programming, and/or
2. Block periodization.

I used to be a big proponent of concurrent periodization methods. Still think those are good during the in-season, or for GPP.

But it seems that for real gains, you can't do concurrent styles of training.

Just realized it myself switching to a new (strict) training regimen recently. Gains have gone way up, recovery time is shorter, body feels better, more energy during training than when I was doing concurrent-type work.

Thoughts on that aspect? Seems to jive well with your post.

Josh Leeger said...


Aaron Schwenzfeier said...

As always, thanks for the insightful comments.

Nice observations, thanks for sharing. I would tend to agree.