Thursday, July 21, 2011

Coaching Wisdom

Some remendous insight from a recent discussion with a great mentor of mine, Greg Lanners, commenting on the necessary care that must be taken when coaching young athletes and students…

"As coaches, how much drilling should we be doing with kids. Why do we feel such a need to program kids? I understand improving strength, which would seem to be a necessity in our current competitive world, or addressing a significant motor deficiency or movement impairment. And of course injury rehab is an entirely different story. But how do we best impart on kids the pure joy and freedom of movement within their bodies? Not using others as a guide as to how they should move, but allowing them to experience their God given abilities in a natural and pain-free way. And through that also promote the same enjoyment and satisfaction of participating in an athletic or competitive activity. Yes it may change when kids get to college and certainly when they are paid as professionals, the rules/expectations are different. But kids need to be shown and should come to realize that they have a set of very individual abilities or skills that if used frequently can lead to a healthier, more emotionally stable, and fulfilling life. And everybody's skills/abilities/gifts are different. So how fine and precise and specific and technical do we actually need to be? Just get kids to move without inhibition- the old "watch a kindergarten PE class” argument.”

No matter the level of the athlete, a global perspective of the 'larger' picture needs consideration; coach what needs to be coached, don't what doesn't… and it’s not always what you do, but many times, what you don’t do.


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Josh Leeger said...

Great post!

I'm a huge fan of the "get out of the way" philosophy in all of life, and especially with regards to kids' physical development!

Exposure to increasingly challenging physical tasks, rambunctious (shall I say EXUBERANT) play, healthy diet and plenty of the world would change if we all had that every day...