Monday, July 18, 2011

"Football Training"

Most of track and field is exempt from this discussion because the sport is measured objectively, and athletes and coaches usually do what's necessary to perform well. At the very least, it isn't easy to hide...

The argument I get tired of hearing is "we don't want to train like football players". I hear it all the time and ask what does a football player train like? You mean with a high level of effort towards developing great speed, power, and strength?

Taking a Socratic approach...

Would your athlete benefit to become stronger/faster/change direction better/jump higher?

Which athletes in the USA do those things the best?

Which athletes accelerate the best?

Which athletes are the fastest?

Which athletes have the best vertical jumps?

Which athletes are the strongest?

Which athletes change direction the best?

The gap to be bridged between "football training" and a sport is done by conditioning techniques and practice of the particular sport. Either way, we can go on kidding ourselves or really start to make changes in athletes.

I understand that football can and, to many extents is, be an entitled culture, but that does not mean there has to be an emotional resentment towards the methods of a sport that has embraced strength and conditioning more than nearly all other sports in America; to developing athletic qualities that almost all athletes can greatly benefit from.

The delusion that we can make something out of nothing is rampant in athletic development; heavy loads and fast movements are necessary. Adaptation doesn't come easy.



Josh Leeger said...

great post Aaron!

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