Monday, October 3, 2011

Pushing Limits

It's amazing to see the extremes of the capacities of human ability, and very few hold a candle to that of Alex Honnold (at least his mental capacity), an American free solo climber (free solo=nothing but a little chalk!). I've read about Alex before and was excited to see a 60 Minutes segment was being done on him. I thought 60 Minutes did an excellent job of filming and presenting the story.

No searching for glory or money here, just a pure uninhibited love for the freedom and challenge climbing presents...

There's also a great article in National Geographic Magazine in the May 2011 issue on climbing at Yosemite National Park which highlighted Alex among other climbers.

Daring. Defient. Free.
"The minute you freak out, you're screwed." -Alex Honnold in Outside magazine.

So you think you're a bad ass?

My palms sweat just thinking about it.


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Dustin Schlichting said...

Incredible! I absolutely agree with your last comment!