Monday, November 12, 2012

A Break From Breakfast

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day."

Maybe, if that is the only time you can eat, or it's the only time you are not putting garbage into your body. Otherwise, I call this a fallacy.

"Breakfast jump starts your metabolism."

Wow. As if metabolism stopped (you'd be dead). Exposing yourself to sunlight requires metabolism. Moving requires and changes metabolism. All processes in the body require metabolism.

"Breakfast will help you feel not so hungry later in the day."

Maybe or maybe not. A high glycemic meal (as many breakfast meals are) could lead to a drastic drop in blood sugar from the excessive insulin release, making a person feel hungry again.

And the word BREAKFAST: breaking the fast.

As if 8 hours is really a fast... and as if a fast is really a bad thing. I've noticed that people often think they will actually die if they don't eat every few hours... I'd say America does not need to worry about missing a meal. There is also mounting evidence that fasting can have some potential positive effects. This doesn't necessarily lend credence that everyone should fast and for exactly how long, just that things related to diet are highly variable... and a little variability might be a good thing. Just as muscles need rest after being worked, the digestive system might use a break too.

I've been as guilty as any in promoting these myths regarding breakfast in the past, however I have long since quit touting breakfast as the ergogenic that so many claim it is. Eating food is very important, however, as crazy as it may sound, it might not be essential to be eaten first thing in the morning.

As if the lion awakes to omolettes, pancakes, and sausages, only then go out on the hunt and athletically perform her best.



Josh Leeger said...

Rob Faigin has a great statement in his book "Natural Hormonal Enhancement":

"Outside of Western culture - in rural India, China, and Africa, for instance - eating is viewed primarily as a source of nourishment, not pleasure. Sure eating is one of the pleasures of life, but that's not the purpose of eating. Few people realize how completely they have been brainwashed by powerful market forces in society; but the fact is that many Americans subconsciously hold every meal to the standards of an orgy. Long-term success requires that you replace this self-defeating mindset with a self-empowering one."

Aaron Schwenzfeier said...

Lots of truth in that.