Thursday, November 29, 2012

The "Speed Barrier" and Knowing

If Ivan Abadjiev had been a sprints coach, would he have been concerned about the so-called "speed barrier"?

I've heard "avoiding the speed barrier" from some well-known coaches and am genuinely curious as to it's validity, or is this just some coaching folklore? 

Who has had athletes experience this supposed stabilization of speed? If so, was it because they were tired? Might sticking with it, instead of 'giving-up' too soon, lead to the eventual breakthroughs? Is it just a matter of necessary variation to adjust for diminishing returns or reduced will? Does diminishing returns reduce motivation, or does reduced motivation diminish returns, or both?

Sometimes, I think we think we know, but we might not. Prediction (from instinct or data) or wait and see? How much false confidence do we gain from successful predictions?

We must make choices and observations of occurrence with confidence, but certainty of why is risky.



Josh Leeger said...

Aaron, call me an idiot, but WTF is a "speed barrier?"

Aaron Schwenzfeier said...

"Numerous repetitions of the same speed exercises form a dynamic stereotype in the central nervous system." -Thomas Kurz in the Science of Sports Training.

Frank Dick and Jozef Drabik mention it in their work... and I've heard other coaches make mention of it.