Thursday, January 3, 2013

Observing The Black Box

To clarify my previous post regarding the black box... within the fields of science and engineering, a black box is a system or object in which things can only be viewed in terms of the inputs and outputs, without any information regarding it's internal workings.

Many of the "hot" concepts in training regard inputs and internal workings of the body, yet for any athlete or performance coach, the most important factor is the outputs... or performance (or attitude/affect or any other outward physical signs). In the athletic setting, results matter, and although the internal workings can give a deeper understanding, ultimately, it rarely dictates outcomes.

Inputs and outputs: application of stressors and relaxers, intake and modification of nutrients, and accurate evaluation of the outcomes...

Advanced technical knowledge of internal details aren't necessary to train effectively, and in the wrong minds can delude the whole process - good, basic observation goes a long ways.


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