Friday, May 3, 2013

Eyal Lederman Interview

I briefly mentioned the work of Eyal Lederman in my presentation regarding the opposing viewpoints on "core stability". Lederman certainly hasn't hesitated to challenge many of the common manual and physical training/therapy methods.

Mythical Methods?
More Mythical Methods?

This interview will almost certainly stir the pot.

I would say Lederman is very much a pragmatist. While I think there is a bit more of a middle ground with regards to movement standards in high performance arenas (than 'absolutely' what Lederman suggests), I agree with much of what he has to say.

"Overload, exposure (frequency), and specificity" as Eyal states, is the requirement to make change... which many of the "corrective" methods (and sadly, some folks ideas of actual training) seem to miss.

I also like his points on motor control, the importance of task-oriented activities, and that the body is robust with 'reserves' to deal with so-called imperfections and injuries. The body has millions of years of evolution behind it, and my opinion has the ability to self-organize without always needing isolated intervention (just desire and good coaching) - meaning compensations may not be exactly so, but simply beautifully functional adaptations.

Either way, I recommend watching the video (and reading his papers).


*Thanks to Joe Przytula for pointing out this video to me. Video courtesy of Dean Griffiths' youtube page.

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