Monday, May 13, 2013

Manual labor training of the 1920's & 30's

Last week, while in Kansas City, I toured through The College Basketball Experience (of which I do not recommend for the $12 I spent to look around) and took the photo below of Ward "Piggy" Lambert's champion Purdue basketball team, that John Wooden was a part of (Coach Wooden is front row, fourth from the left).

It's unlikely that the Purdue Boilermakers had a strength and conditioning program in 1932. But that certainly didn't mean that the players were not strong or conditioned. Looking at the team photo, it's evident that many of the players grew up doing "chores" (as Wooden did); probably on the family farm. The picture reveals some pretty sturdy legs, and deltoids that experienced some serious work. They maybe didn't lift weights, but many of them 'worked' moving weight... and if they were on a farm... double-days.

It's pretty impressive what the manual labor of the day did for many of their physiques. Imagine if they had the training (not the namby-pamby stuff) and facility resources (although maybe the luxury is part of the problem) we have today, with the work ethic of yesterday.

Wooden in high school without a bar, bench, dumbbells, or TRX


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